New Catholic Bishop Visits St. George

By Debbie Jones

On February 15th St. George Catholic Church was honored to have the new Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Shreveport officiate over mass. Bishop Frances Malone, the third Bishop of Shreveport, was ordained as a Bishop on January 28, 2020. Bishop Malone comes to us from the Diocese of Little Rock. He is originally from Philadelphia and was ordained to the priesthood in 1977 in Arkansas. He pastored at Christ the King Church and School in Little Rock for nearly 19 years.

The Parishioners of St. George listened to the Bishop describe the clothing and items he was wearing. He said everything was hand me downs other than the miter (Bishop hat) he was wearing. His vestments were almost 75 years old and came from his Uncle who was a Priest, the large cross he wore is 100 years old and came from a relative who was a Catholic Nun and the large gold ring he wore is new but the idea came from his brother who along with his siblings and family had the ring made for the Bishop’s ordination.

The Diocese of Shreveport was formed in 1986 when the Catholic Church added more dioceses to Louisiana. Bishop Malone will shepherd 37 Catholic parishes and missions and 6 Catholic Schools encompassing almost 42,000 Catholics. St. George Catholic Church in Coushatta is a Mission Church under Mary Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Bossier City. Father Jim Moran is the current Priest assigned to St. George. They celebrate Mass on Saturdays at 4 PM.

Bishop Malone will continue to be a spiritual leader to all the Catholics in the Shreveport Diocese and is already proving that he is a true Shephard by visiting even the smallest of his churches and pastoring those of all ages, as you can see from this picture where the Bishop had young Wyche Taylor Coleman wear his miter and shake the hands of people leaving the church.

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