McGee Scholarship

Former Coushatta resident, Milton McGee remembers his hometown with a scholarship to Baylor University.  Local graduating seniors are invited to apply.

McGee and his wife Sharla told The Journal they attended Baylor and they have family and friends connected to the University.  They have funded a scholarship that will provide educational funds to students in his hometown of Henderson, Texas and Coushatta.  The McGee Scholarship is backed by a $100,000.00 endowment placed with the university by Milton and Sharla McGee.

Students are eligible for the scholarship if they have been accepted to Baylor and are members of First Baptist Churches of Coushatta or Henderson.

McGee resided in Coushatta as a young man.  He attended First Baptist.  And he said he and his wife were interested in helping with college expenses for students who are sharing some of the same experiences growing up.

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