School System Employee of the Month

By Hayley Loe

The school system of the month for the month of February is Persunda Raymond.  She is a school counselor at the Red River Academy. Raymond was nominated by Jacqueline Daniels, she is the principal over the Academy.

In her nomination of Raymond, Daniels said “It is the utmost pleasure that I nominate Persunda Raymond for the employee of the month. Raymond is an integral and valuable member of the Red River Academy team.

She is innovative, adaptive, and creative. She comes up with great activities and ideas for our students to enhance morale and to increase success in and out of the classroom. She is a problem solver and anticipates where problems may occur. Students and colleagues respect her and are willing to listen to her sage advice. She is thoughtful ,discerning and trustworthy. She truly understands confidentiality. She loves to laugh and has a great sense of humor but is strictly business. She has high expectations for students and staff and exudes professionalism. She really cares about each and every child and our school’s success.

We have all learned to appreciate the pink and green of a true AKA diva. RRAA is forever grateful for having Persunda Raymond as our great counselor.”

Raymond was presented with a plaque.  She said that she was so grateful of the people she worked with and that she was so surprised on receiving this award.

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