Blood Drive at High School

By Hayley Loe

On Wednesday February 12th the Red River High School JROTC with the Lifeshare Center hosted a blood drive for students and the community. On Monday, 24 students had already signed up for the drive and it is open to the public to do and anyone who wants to donate.

However by the time Wednesday rolled around some of the people who signed up either did not show up or decided they didn’t want to give blood anymore. The blood donations are completely voluntary and even though a student may have signed up they do not have to go through with the donation.

The quota was 25 units, but by the time 2:30 rolled around they only had 13 units. The Lifeshare center will be hosting a field trip for the students and staff on April 15th to go to the Lifeshare Center in Shreveport for a tour and to give a blood donation.

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