Yearbooks Will Have a New Look

Darlene Martin is excited.  The Red River High Yearbook will have a new look for 2020.  Martin explained, “Students will have two pages to customize any way they like.”

The high school posted on social media, “We are pleased to announce that this year we will be utilizing TreeRing as our yearbook distributor. Yearbooks will be $32.01, and you will receive two free pages to personalize however you would like. You will have an option to include the pages in just your yearbook or to add them to the final publication. Please remember to keep all content school appropriate. The yearbook staff asks that you include them in the final publication so everyone can enjoy them.

“Also this year there will be no charge for senior ads since with each purchase you can create two personalized pages. If any seniors or parents need assistance creating their personal pages, please let the yearbook staff know and they will gladly create something for you.

Martin told The Journal that the deadline to order is approaching quickly.  She encouraged everyone to go ahead and order their Yearbook.  Martin added, “We can help students design and create their own personal pages.”

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