Disposal Well Is Approved

This week the waste water injection well proposed by Pinnergy to be located near Cash Corner in Hall Summit was approved by the state Office of Conservation.  Approval came over protests by area residents and others at a public hearing held in Coushatta last September.

This ruling opens the way for Pinnergy to construct the facility, although some work at that location along Highway 514 was begun some months ago.  The injection well may face additional legal challenges.

“They may have won the battle, but they didn’t win the war,” said Mike Waters.  He is an area resident and opponent of the project.  Waters told The Journal that the Office of Conservation ignored the law, among other flaws with the application.  Waters said, “We had hoped that they would have listened to us, but I was not totally surprised by their ruling.”

The file from the Office of Conservation is below.  It is nearly 20 pages long, however you can see for yourself the position the ruling took with regard to the objections filed to the project. (SEE BOTTOM)

Also, you may go to The Journal of October 2, 2019 for the story of the public hearing. 

Waters said, “Among the flaws in the application and subsequent ruling was a water well located within 800 feet of the site.  The law states no wells within 800 feet.”  Waters added, “A private well would provide an outlet to possibly let the disposed water that had been injected leak out and come to the surface.”

Waters added, “Opponents of the injection well are working with an attorney on the next step.”  And he expressed hope that the construction of the deep waste water injection well could be stopped.

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