More Educational Opportunities Offered

Next year Riverdale Academy will celebrate it’s 50th anniversary.  Headmaster, Dr. Robert Peters reports on recent improvements and additions to the academic courses now offered.

Riverdale Academy, a private school located in Red River Parish, is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) through the Midsouth Association of Independent Schools (MSAIS) and is designated by the Louisiana Department of Education (LDE) as an approved non-public school. Riverdale Academy participates in LEAP-2025 testing and offers a state diploma to students who successfully test and meet the state standards. The high school courses offered meet the state standards for TOPS for those students who successfully complete each course in the TOPS curriculum.

In the fall of 2019, some programs were renewed such as the annual Christmas program, and some programs were introduced such as onsite Latin for the TOPS language requirement.

The 2019 Christmas program was constructed around a special tops project of the Religion 1 class, itself an innovation for the semester. The class memorized the entire Christmas story from Luke, Chapter 2, and from Matthew, Chapter 2, and provided the narrative for each of the other classes to sing carols, play bells, and do skits. The event, held on 19 December 2019, was well attended by parents , grandparents and friends.

Latin has been introduced and is being taught by the headmaster, Dr. Robert Peters. The text being used in Lingua Latina, an all Latin text, takes the students into the lives of a Roman family. Learning Latin disciplines the mind, strengthens English vocabulary, enhances the understanding of grammar, and serves as a window into the worlds of Antiquity and the Middle Ages.

This spring, Riverdale Academy is offering three new courses: Business English, Business Math and an English elective which focuses on novels and film. These electives are broadening the experiences of Riverdale students and providing them opportunities for practical applications of knowledge and further intellectual experience.

It is the mission of Riverdale Academy to provide a safe and secure place and a challenging environment in which students can grow and thrive spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and physically as they engage the curriculum, participate in extra-curricular activities and pursue their strengths in sports. We invite you to come join us in that mission.

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