High School Grade is “B”

The Louisiana Department of Education has published the latest statewide school performance scores. Red River High rated very good, however the elementary and middle schools did not do well.  Overall the Red River School System got a grade of “C.” Student Progress at all three schools was rated “B.”

The high school posted, “Red River High School makes gains again on the 2018-2019 school performance score (SPS).  RRHS jumped another 2.6 points raising its current score to 78.9.  Under this new evaluation model RRHS score in 2016-2017 would have been about 71 and since this new school performance evaluation came out 2 years ago we have seen an almost 8 point gain.   We also had a student growth score a “B” or 83.4.

“RRHS is so proud of all its faculty, staff, students, and the community, because without all of us working towards this goal we would not have accomplished it.  To have a “B” rating your SPS must be above 75 however in 2021-2022 the score changes to above 80.  As you can see we have more work to do before that change occurs, but with everyone’s help we will continue to make gains and be well above that mark this time next year.”

Principal JC Dickey said, “Some principal’s fear today as school performance scores are released but not me.  I am so proud of what we are accomplishing in Red River Parish and at RRHS.  We are making growth every year and as the state continues to raise the bar, we will too.  Red River get ready we are not done yet.”

The scores for the Elementary and Junior High are not as good, but both schools rated high on Student Progress.

Red River Junior High got a grade of “D” with a slight improvement over2018-19.  The student performance assessment was 37.7 or “F.”  Student progress measures the rate at which students are progressing towards mastering the key skills they will need to be successful in the next grade level.  At the Junior High student progress was rated at 77.3 or “B.” Thirty-nine percent of Junior High students demonstrated top growth.

Red River Elementary got an “F” letter grade with a 2018-19 school performance score of 49.7.  That score is down from a “D” in 2017-18.  While student performance assessment is an F or 41.1, student progress is rated “B” or 75.4.  Only 16% of students at the Elementary School scored at Mastery and above on LEAP.

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