Physics and Science Projects

4-H clubs in the parish have been working with a physics project.  It is all about rollercoasters and other things.  Here are posts from Red River 4-H

At Riverdale Academy 4-hers designed and tested rollercoasters in their meetings. They explored the physics of rollercoasters. Cloverbuds created critters and showed off their “babies” in their embryology project. Thank you Mrs. Brittani Mancil for taking on this project for us!!!

Meanwhile at Red River Elementary School Cloverbuds learned all about the 4-h pledge, motto, and the meaning behind our clover symbol as they started on their project books.

4th & 5th grade club members learned how energy is transferred as they used their engineering skills to design and test rollercoasters!

Another science project was carried out at Riverdale.  Dr. Brown’s Physical Science Class made Cartesian divers to explore Pascal’s Law on pressure changes.   Brown termed it an awesome job! 

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