ETC… for Friday, September 20th

Saturday is Parents Day Out at First Methodist Church on Front Street.  Adults will entertain your children while parents take time off to enjoy some quiet time.  It starts at 1:00 pm tomorrow.

Red River Industries is conducting their annual hunting rifle raffle.  Tickets are $5.  This year they are raffling a Remington 783 Deer Rifle 270 caliber with mounted scope and camouflage stock.  The drawing will be October 18th

On a personal note…I was having a very good day on Thursday.  I left my phone in the car during a leisurely lunch with friends. But oh what I had missed!  The phone was full of voice mails.  In about an hour I was wanted in Texas for a felony, my social security number had been frozen, the extended warranty on a car I sold 20 years ago was about to expire, and all those questions needed answering about my Medicare account. What motivates those people to make all those phone calls?  And who is gullible to reply or call them back?

Maybe I could send an email, but another call said my computer software had expired and my computer is about to shut down!

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