Ring Ceremony For Home Schooled Seniors

The seniors who attend Catfish Bend Academy received their rings at a Ring Ceremony last Thursday. The ceremony was held at Cowboy Church at Lake End.

Headmaster Crystal Cummins served as Master of Ceremonies for the ceremony.  Cummins said the homeschool cooperative now has nineteen students in grades 9 through 12.  Rings were presented to three of them who are graduating seniors.

Cummins introduced the three with several brief factoids of each, after saying that there were quite a few characters among the students however these three are not the usual seniors.

First up was Josie Griffin. Cummins said, “She is the quiet type, always the voice of reason.  When she talks to the clowns in the class they either shut up or burst out laughing.” And Cummins added, “Josie drives a different vehicle to school each day.”  Griffin described the history of class rings.  She said, “It dates back to 1835 at West Point when seniors were awarded class rings.”

Next up was Taylor Berry. Cummins said, “Taylor likes to stress. And she likes to text message about various things.  Berry explained how to wear a class ring.  She said, “Wear it facing students.  Upon graduation, turn it around to face you.  That will show everyone you have graduated.”

The third senior presented was Kaylee Dobson.  Cummings said, “We were reading Beowulf.  She read it thoroughly, so she knew what was going to happen almost before we discussed it.” Dobson said, “Get people to turn your ring away from your heart.  Do that with 19 people and the 20thperson will turn it toward your heart. So that person should be a person of significance to you.

Cummins explained that the ceremony normally would have been in the spring.  She said very quickly it will be April and the seniors will be graduating.  Then she offered her three-part  advice, “Enjoy all the time at home and appreciate it.  Hold no regrets.  And trust the Lord with all your heart.”

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