How to Contact The Journal

The Journal would like to thank our readers who share their stories, events, and accomplishments of their children and grandchildren with us.  And a big thank you to all who send us news tips and story ideas.

Unfortunately we miss the communications from a few people.  At this time your comments that are posted to our articles and your replies or questions posted through those articles do not reach the news desk in a timely manner.  Some do not reach us at all.

Please add our email to your address book.  That is the way to quickly send The Journal a comment or question.  The email address is  You get instant delivery that way.

Someone asked the other day about photos.  We love them! Here is a hint for better pictures. Turn the phone sideways. Technically take the photos in “landscape mode.”  Digital pictures are wider than they are tall, just like the eye sees.  So photos and movies made in “landscape mode” fit in the digital world.  Unfortunately tall, skinny photos have to be cropped so they are wider than tall.

Thanks for sending in your comments, questions, and other remarks.  We love to hear from our readers.  Pass along our email address to your friends so they can get in touch with us also.

And “Thank You” for making The Journal the prime source for Red River Parish news, sports, and events.

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