Giving a Lot to the Community

From Amanda Cason

“This summer I challenged my Beta members to go above and beyond with serving in the community.  At the end of the school year, all Beta members are required to have a minimum of 10 community service hours.  I had a total of 216 hours turned in by my Beta members.  

Renee Prosperie had the most with a total of 88 hours.  I am so proud of her and all the hard work she put in over the summer.  Beta Club will be doing this again in December and in April.

Cason shared Prosperie’s summation of her summer activities:

“Over the course of the summer, I was given numerous opportunities to serve in our community as well as in other communities.  I helped in my church’s Vacation Bible School at First Baptist Church of Coushatta. During VBS on most days, I helped out in the nursery keeping the children whose parents worked in Bible school during the week.

“I served on mission sites in the city of Houston when I attended Mission Fuge at Houston Baptist University with my youth group from church.  My mission group was assigned to go to apartment complexes to play with children and also to tell them about God.

“I also was able to serve as a counselor during Girls’ Camp at Clara Springs.  I helped go around with the girls during the day to make sure they made it to their different rotations and to help out anywhere where I was needed. I also assisted in devotionals in the evenings before bedtime.

“Being able to help out at these places was so rewarding in many ways and I learned a lot.  My most favorite thing was serving as a counselor at Girls’ Camp.  Clara Springs is a wonderful place to serve.  Everyone there is always happy and ready to serve which made it so easy to help out.

“I want to thank  my church for providing me with opportunities to serve at VBS and MFuge, Bro. Bubba and Mrs. Mandi Mills at Clara Springs for the opportunity of being a camp counselor, and Mrs. Amanda Cason for encouraging me to get out and serve in our community.”

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