A Pillar of Cloud by Day and Fire By Night

That blown-out natural gas well north of Coushatta continues to burn.  It has been more than a week and a solution has not been found.

The blow-out was first reported to the Sheriff’s Office at 3:21 am Friday August 30th.  Deputies responded to the scene.  So did other first responders including the State Police Hazmat Team.

There were no injuries.  No evacuation of nearby residences was necessary.  There is a warning sign going both south and north on US 71 for motorists to expect heavy truck traffic and slow down.

The site is just north of US 71 and LA 515.  The smoke and flame can be seen over a wide area.

The photos with this article were taken at various locations around the parish.  Flames are clearly visible in the daytime from Westdale on LA 1 and the cloud plume can be observed from the Grand Ecore Bridge over LA 6 at Natchitoches.  It can be clearly seen day and night from Coushatta.

The rumor mill and social media are working overtime.  There are lots of explanations of what happened, how it will be controlled, etc.  So far, The Journal has been unable to validate any of those reports.

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