Ice Cream to Celebrate

Last Saturday afternoon (August 24th) participants in Celebrate Recovery had a get together.  It was billed as an Ice Cream Social.  The event brought together participants and their families for an old-fashioned good time.

The leader of Celebrate Recovery is Justin Wiley.  He teaches Sunday School at Open Door Fellowship in addition to managing the group. The Journal asked Wiley why is there a Celebrate Recovery program here? Wiley said, “We exist because there is a need for it!”

“Our saying is ‘for your hurts, hang-ups and habits’ so everyone is welcome,” said Wiley.  He issued an invitation to the community, “We meet each Thursday night at Open Door.  We begin with a meal at 5:30.  Large groups meet at 6:00 and small groups meet at 7:00.”

Wiley said that they average 15 to 20 folks a week and there is plenty of room for you to join them. Note that the program is completely confidential.  What you share at a meeting stays within that group.  The folks shown in the photos volunteered to be included.  Others declined and the Journal respects their privacy.

On Saturday, Linda Stevens brought several churns of homemade ice cream. Some popular store brands were also available.  There were sprinkles, toppings, syrups, etc. to go on your cone or waffle bowl full of deliciousness.  There was a deep dish home baked apple pie.  And Virgie Hoof, her daughter Bonnie Bruner and friend Frank Rose brought a huge pan of banana pudding.

There were hugs, laughs, and a few tears as members exchanged stories.  Everyone had a great time and went home looking forward to their next Ice Cream Social.

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