Painting Is Therapy

Last Wednesday evening several stroke survivors participated in Strokes for Stroke at Jolie 1818 Studio on Front Street.  The Northwest Louisiana American Heart Association put on the event in cooperation with the local health unit.

The paintings created will be included in a mobile display to be shown across the northwest part of the state.  The Coushatta event was number 6 in a series of twelve events planned.

The Journal asked Jill Lucero, Regional Director of the American Heart Association, the importance of the Coushatta event.  Lucero said, “It is raising awareness.  For those who live around stroke survivors can know the risks and the steps to take to prevent a stroke or heart attack.”  Lucero added, “I work with stroke survivors.  A stroke doesn’t mean you can’t do anything.  I just want them to show what they can do instead.”

Catherine Bijolle owns 1818 Studio and she has experience with her own family members who suffered a stroke.  Bijolle said, “To see young people recovering and able to paint is amazing.  One lady was only 25 when she had a stroke.  Two years later she is painting.  It is so amazing the progress that has been made in stroke treatment.”

Lucero said the paintings created last Wednesday will be on display beginning in September.  The public display will be at East Bank Art Gallery in Bossier City in October and November.  There will be other stops around the area as well.

Note the kitten in the basket is the Guard Cat at Jolie 1818.  So be careful!

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