Teaching Kids Mealtime Magic

By Jacque Fontenot

On Tuesday July 16th a cooking/nutrition class called Mealtime Magic was held at the 4-H office.  Mrs. Diane Uzzle, the Parish Chair and FCS Agent, taught the students, about myplate, which is a way to make sure that they are getting a balanced diet.  After learning kitchen safety and measuring tips from Mrs. Jacque, they followed recipes and cooked brown bag popcorn, mug cookies, and mug pizza.  They also had to blend the smoothies they made by riding the “blender bike”. 

The girls were excited to learn new recipes and how to tell if they were getting all of the types of foods that they needed for nutritious meals and snack times.  4-H members that enjoy cooking can choose the cooking project book to complete during the school year.  They can also attend food and fitness camp, a weekend camp where they can learn even more about making healthy choices.      

Those participating in Mealtime Magic included Raegan Cannon, Alaina Boyd, Julia Grace Riggs, Madelyn Chamberlin, Madison Chamberlin, Shirley Boyd, and Julia Grace Riggs.

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