Sims Was Counselor at Clara Springs

Kala Sims is the Children’s Librarian at the Red River Parish Library. Her daughter, Abby helps out with the weekly programs for kids every Monday afternoon.  This summer Abby served as a counselor at Clara Springs with her friend and co-counselor Chloe Nash.  Here is Abby’s story in her own words:

“I had the best experience as a counselor at Clara Springs Baptist Camp in Pelican, La. Just to be around kids and teach them about Christ was so moving for me.

“It opened my eyes to the fact that some kids have the complete wrong idea of God and who He is. It taught me that I can be the influence that leads someone to Christ.

“I would encourage every kid to go to Clara Springs and if you are too old to be a camper you can also help as a counselor for a group or cabin. Adults can also find a way to volunteer. It was just an overall great week of fellowship, friends, food, and fun!”

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