Just Say the Magic Word

DAT kept asking the children in the audience to “say the magic word.”  They responded “Abracadabra!”  Sometimes softly, more likely very loudly.  Sometimes more than once.

The show featured David Trombetta who goes by the name DAT.  His show is called DAT Does the Trick.  Last Monday he brought a big box of tricks and thrills to the children of Red River parish.  DAT was the featured show this week in the Library’s “A Universe of Stories” summer reading program.

It did not take DAT long to get to it with a large variety of tricks that delighted the kids and their parents too.  He challenged them, “I’m gonna keep doing magic as long as you keep clapping.  When you get tired, stop clapping.  Then I’ll quit.”  Challenge accepted by the audience.

First trick was fold a $2 bill several times then tear it in half.  The result when unfolded was two $1 bills.  Where did the $2 go and how?  Follow that with a water pot that DAT emptied into a large jar.  Then he emptied it again.  And again.  He said it is a water pot that is never empty.

The children were fascinated, and they applauded on and on.  And that resulted in trick after trick.  They were only interrupted by a humorous story which lead to another trick.

Boys and girls from the audience came up to help out.  They performed the tricks and that amazed even the children who just did it.

Then came the big finale which everyone thought was going to be pulling a rabbit out of a hat.  Not so.  This rabbit showed up inside a round plastic tube.  What a finish.

At the conclusion, DAT invited the kids to line up and take turns petting the bunny.  This was a fluffy white rabbit that was well trained. The bunny took all the petting the kids could give out.  Some of them got back in line time and again to take another time.

Children’s Librarian Kala Sims outdid herself with this summer’s line up of programs.  In addition to musicians, there have been storytellers, a live petting zoo, a trip to a planetarium (or it came to them), the Sheriff’s Department brought K-9 officers and drones, and a singer teaching blues for kids. 

There are two Mondays to go. On July 22ndthe Red River Parish Fire Department will be there demonstrating the gear and showing off their firetrucks.  And the finale is Lady Chops, a high energy musial show.  See you at the Library.

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