Music Brightens the Night

It was a dark and stormy night…

Until the Allen Family took the stage at Social Springs Baptist Church on Wednesday night.  The Allen’s opened with “Higher Ground” and the show took off!  This was quickly followed as the youngest family member, Christian Allen joined the group and led “I’ve Been Changed.”

The Social Springs family was joined by members of other area churches.  Everyone sang and worshiped.  Michelle Allen gave an update on the family’s mission work in Uganda. She said they have obtained property, dug a well, nearly completed the first building to house meetings, church, and residence quarters for missionaries working there.

She gave thanks to the Garrett family for their generous gift that allowed the Allens to dig that well, which will provide drinking water to people living nearby.  But Michelle Allen said, “Just beyond that property there are a million Ugandans who are non-believers or believe in local religions.  We want to reach them with true Christianity.”

A plaque is to be placed on the well saying it was in memory of Ann Garrett, who passed away about a year ago.  Her husband Wiley Garrett and Bro. James Hester presented remembrances of Ann and the impact she had and continues to have on this community.  And now the impact Ann’s life will continue to have for the people of Uganda.

Todd Allen followed with “How Firm A Foundation” and echoes of their project being built on solid rock to bring the Jesus to the people of Uganda.

Every song the Allen family performed was familiar to those gathered Wednesday night.  However the songs were performed as if they were brand new. There was a new approach and a new arrangement.  It seemed if they were being head for the very first time.

The final song was performed by Todd Allen.  He played the keyboard and sang “Victory In Jesus” in a strong voice.  Members of the congregation joined in.  By the conclusion of the evening the storms had ended and moved on.  There was just a sliver of sunlight breaking through distant clouds around 9:00 pm as people returned to their homes.

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