It’s Been a Busy Summer

Students in 4-H in Red River have been busy this summer.  There were educational activities plus leadership building too. And they are going to LOST Camp in July.

Red River 4-H posted, “I’ve spent the week with over a thousand young people and I have to say that I’m so extremely proud of these young men and this young lady from Red River Parish. They’ve set a good example of how to treat others and support and enjoy each other. We may be few, but we are MIGHTY!!!”

On contest day Aurora Phillips competed in child development, Bryce Hunt and Jayden Scott in ATV, and Ellis and Elliot Grant in Computer Simulation.

All roads lead to 4-H U, and then all roads lead back to Red River Parish in hopes of recruiting more 4-hers to join us next year. If you missed out, you can still join us at LOST camp at the end of July. If you see Deputy Chris Sibley around town, please tell him how much we appreciated him going with us this past week!  He was awesome!!!!

Also recently 4-Hers showed off their sewing skills learning to crochet and sew. They made port pillows, which are small pillows that can go over someone’s port so seatbelts, etc. won’t bother them. The ladies of the Sewing God’s Love house went above and beyond to treat us like queens!

LOST Camp stands for Louisiana Outdoor Science and Technology Camp and it will be held July 28ththrough 31stat the Grant Walkereducational Center in Pollock.  Campers enjoy interactive recreational activities such as swimming, canoeing, ayaking, archery, volleyball, dancing, arts & crafts, and much more.  4-H promotes Camp Grant Walker as “The Original Social Media.”

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