The Zoo Draws a Crowd

A large crowd of children came to the Library to see the animals.  The Jubilee Zoo was in town as part of the Red River Parish Library’s summer reading program.  Children’s Librarian Kala Sims said the zoo draws the largest crowd every summer.

The children were excited and filled the side yard at the library.  There was only room inside the enclosure for about a dozen kids at a time, so they waited patiently in line.  That line wrapped all around the enclosure.  The children spent time in line petting some of the animals through the fence.

There was a miniature horse tied outside, and he got the attention of several of the larger children. Inside was a small cow.  And there were goats and sheep needing shearing, a white donkey, rabbits and chickens and even a large turtle.

Sims told the Journal the turnout for the Jubilee Zoo was even larger this summer than last. Parents and children were excited to pet the animals.  And for many kids they will have a lifelong memory of the event.

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