Bike and Build

A cross-country bicycle trip stopped in Armistead the other day.  They were on their way from Jacksonville, Florida to Santa Cruise, California.  They said they do sixth to seventy miles a day.

There were 18 bikers and support personnel driving in two vans.  Armstead was where they had decided it was time for a pit stop.  One biker, Kelley McNarney said, “We support awareness of the need for affordable housing, and we are raising funds for groups such as Habitat for Humanity that build affordable housing.”  She added, “Riders raise money along the way plus they recruit sponsors.”

Rider Mark Taylor echoed McNarney’s remarks, “All the profits from funds we raise go to affordable housing projects.”  The group said the only housing project they were helping to fund during their pass through Louisiana was one in New Orleans.

On this day, the young bikers (ages 18 to about 26) woke up in Natchitoches.  They had spent the night in a gym at NSU.  They peddled up LA 1 to US 84 and were headed to Mansfield. This trek started back on May 12thin Florida.  The did not have an exact projected date to reach California but they did say at the end of the trip they would have peddled about 4,000 miles.

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