If I Could Clone Her I Would

Principal Shenell Deville of Red River Elementary  would like more than one of Lisa Stevenson.  Deville described her as a hard worker and pretty much indispensable member of the school staff.

Deville nominated Stevenson the Employee of the Month for the month of May.  The school board’s insurance agent presented a tribute to Stevenson at the last board meeting.  And although she was unable to make the meeting, there was a plaque and stuffed goodie bag to say thank you.

Deville’s nomination states, “Mrs. Stevenson always humbly accepts whatever assignments she is given. I do not hear her complain, and if she does, she does a great job keeping her thoughts to herself.” Stevenson has been a custodian in the parish for a number of years, and Deville termed her, “One of the hardest working persons I know at Red River Elementary School.”

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