Art Students Display Their Creations

The lobby of the high school gym was filled with the art objects created by students in Jeff Edwards’ art classes.  The end of year exhibition features works in various medium.

One hit was large pillow shaped objects that were created as the students’ favorite candy bars.  Two students, Nevaeh Caldwell and Un’niga Allen thought about Twix.  Caldwell said, “A friend and I thought about candy.  Which one? Twix.  And the right Twix is the best, right?”

Danielle Burton, Nacaria Allen and Jalexia Palmer created porcelain bowls.  Their big candy bar was a Snickers.

Taylor Boulas, Hannah Pickett and Jacob Durr collaborated on the Skittles package.  Jacob Durr showed off his “Blue Sunflower” while Taylor Boulas entered his drawing of “Ballerina” in the show.

The “Air Heads” package was created by Precious Gray and Jakayla Caldwell.  They said they like Air Heads.

Instructor Jeff Edwards said the Bulldog Art Exhibit included items created in Art 1 and advanced Art 2 and Art 3 classes.  Edwards said, “This year was a very successful year.  We have a very talented group of students in our art classes.”

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