Great Fun For Good Behavior

Students who demonstrated proper behavior all year were rewarded with an afternoon of fun and games last Thursday.  It was a High School fun day featuring many outdoor activities.

Students really got into shooting baskets.  A large inflatable basketball range gave them a chance to demonstrate that they could sink their shot.  Girls’ basketball team member Morgyn Payne demonstrated “how it is done” for The Journal.

Most of the students got into one activity or another.  Volleyball was popular.  Unfortunately the ball went on the school roof.  It was retrieved by an enterprising student who went out a second story window onto the roof.

The Joust Tournament was a big attraction for onlookers and many students who took part.  After all, who doesn’t like to see someone bop another with a big padded, doubled-ended club.

Principal JC Dickey got involved in the Dunking Booth.  Other students filled in, or splashed in, after that.  The baseball and softball teams brought their best pitchers to the event.

It ended all too early. And students returned to class for the last period of the day.

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