School Board Recognizes Employees for Years of Service

At the end of each school year, the Red River Parish School Board recognizes loyal employees who have served 5, 10, 15, etc. years.  They are presented a certificate and service pin for service to the school system and to education.

At the May board meeting, Superintendent Alison Hughes made the presentations and personally congratulated each employee.  Here is the list:

Employees with five years of service are:  Crystal Briggs, Lindsay Cook, Charles Crockett, Dustie Gibson, Julie Inman, Megan Inman, Taylor Sesvold, and Nikki Smith.

Employees with ten years of service are:  Casey Bolyer, Etta Calhoun, Rachel Covington, Melinda Hardy, Kara McCoy, and Ronnie Williams, Jr.

Employees with fifteen years of service are:  Turischeva Bailey, Jennifer Breedlove, Misty Chelette, Jack Clark, Patience Danzy, Billy L. Henry, Janice LaCaze, Kelli Moseley, Sherry Pickett, Jacqueline Richmond, Jacqueline Smith, Debra Webb, Susan Williams, and Rachel Williamson.

Employees who have twenty years of service are:  Debbie Bamburg, Martha Davis, Michelle Deville, Peggy Key, Vanessa Lloyd, Persunda Raymond, Charles D. Rester, Cynthia Smith, and Lynda Swafford.

The list of employees with twenty-five years of service included:  Carol Davis, Shenell Deville, Ossie Lewis, Melissa Long, Shanna Moore, and Diane Newton.

Employees with thirty years of service are:  Mary Keith, Sharon Martin, and Cleve Miller.

Kathryn Anyan had thirty-five years of service to education.

Thomas Edwards received a certificate and pin for forty years of service.

And those with forty-five years of service were:  Doyle Bell, Lawanna Fowler, and Deborah Guidry.

The employees who received their recognition at the meeting last Monday night are shown in the photos accompanying this article. Superintendent Hughes thanked the teachers and other employees for their service to education.  She said, “We appreciate you guys very much.”

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