How High’s the Water Mama?

Local reports of 4 inches, 6 inches or more of rainfall were reported in the parish over this past weekend.  A lot of water came down in a short time.  As you can see from the photos, it rose quickly and the ground is still very wet.

There is more on the way!  The National Weather Service warns more rain is expected starting today (April 17th).  “Another round of severe weather and heavy rain is expected across the Lower Mississippi Valley on Wednesday with the approaching frontal system. Until then, rain, mountain snow, and some thunderstorms can be expected across the West.”

The most severe storms skirted Red River Parish to our west.  We got a very heavy rain starting late in the day on Friday.  These photos were taken on Saturday.  By church time on Sunday the skies had cleared. 

In Coushatta water pooled at Old Folks Café and along the Cutoff Road.  There was flooding on East Carroll and Front streets and other areas in town.  Water ran over the Red Oak Road from a swollen creek about 7/10 mile south of the old Sunbeam plant.

Water got up around the mailboxes outside the post office.  Ditches and creeks were full or almost full along the Ashland road.  The road was partially covered just getting into Martin.  Then north of Martin water flowed over the highway in a couple of places.

Several streets in Hall Summit were under and there was high water downtown.  It got into yards just east of Crossroads and the playground was under at Riverdale Academy.

To make matters worse, power was out in Coushatta for a couple of hours beginning late Saturday afternoon.  And that caused confusion for motorists when the traffic signals failed.

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