That’s a Lot of Chocolate

The Red River Elementary PAW Parents posted the results of the student chocolate sale. The sale concluded recently, and the awards were presented last week. 

“These are the students who sold the most for worlds finest chocolate fundraiser that was held at RRES: 1st place went to Landen Bierden who sold 14 boxes and won an iPad. 2nd place went to Jordan Friday who sold 10 boxes and won an Xbox S. 3rd place went to Grayci Bamberg who sold 8 boxes and won a Fitbit. The raffle winner for the $75 visa gift card was Alayla Lewis. 

“The first place teacher was Mrs. Jennifer Pickett, whose kindergarten class sold 29 boxes of chocolate total. She won a 5-lb Worlds Finest Chocolate bar and $100 Visa card. The 2nd place teacher was Mr. Joey Miller whose homeroom 4th grade class sold 18 boxes total. He won a $75 Visa card.”

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