Ross is Teacher of the Year

The Coushatta Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7287 and Auxiliary 7287 have selected Brian Ross of Red River High as the Teacher of the Year. Ross was recognized Monday night at the meeting of the Red River Parish School Board. 

Ross was nominated by his Principal, J.C. Dickey. In his nomination latter, Dickey stated: 

“Brian Ross is an 11th grade United States History teacher at Red River High School. Mr. Ross is an extraordinary teacher of history with a love of country like none other. Mr. Ross is a former law enforcement officer who is a history buff. Every day he prepares lessons that are exciting and help bring history to life for everyone in his class. 

“I have had the honor of observing Mr. Ross teach for 2 years and during that time I have seen lessons on WW2 with first-hand accounts from veterans themselves. I have also seen him show numerous documentaries on WW1, WW2, and Vietnam. He make sure all documentaries are historically accurate and tells the point of view of what our soldiers and country where going through during these times. He also talks about how even though we won some of these wars the loss of life in each one must be remembered in honored. 

“One lesson he does every year is on the flag, how we came up with our country’s flag and what represents for us the United States. At least one time a year he gets with our JROTC program and invites a recruiter come speak about what serving the country looks like from a military perspective. 

“One of the best things I know about Mr. Ross is his US History state exam scores. Every year his students have to state the state exam on US History and every year his students do very well on these exams. To me it proves that Mr. Ross does not only know about his country put that he is doing a fabulous job training the next generation of students about the United States and trying to build a love of country in them as well.”

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