Two Suicides at Ware Youth Center

Last Thursday a 17 year old juvenile held at the Ware Youth Center just north of Coushatta committed Suicide. On Saturday, a 13 year old boy also held at Ware took his life. Two suicides in less than 72 hours. 

Ware Executive Director Joey Cox confirmed the deaths in a brief release to the news media. Cox said, “Our thoughts and prayers are with both of these young men and their families and friends during this difficult time.” 

The deaths are under investigation by the Sheriff’s Office. Spokesman Troy Murray issued this statement to The Journal: 

“At this point I can confirm that the Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office is investigating two apparent suicides that occurred last week at Ware Youth Center. The first incident involved a seventeen year old male and the second a thirteen year old male. Both incidents took place within an approximate forty-eight hour time period.” 

Spokesman Bill Davis of the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the two boys had both been sent to Ware from Bossier Parish. Davis gave this statement to The Journal: 

“In late December, Bossier Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to a residence in Bossier Parish where a 17-year-old was acting erratic and intoxicated in the yard of the residence. Deputies arrived on scene, and the 17-year-old was arrested and charged with resisting by false information (kept giving wrong last name to deputies), simple escape (after leaving patrol vehicle while cuffed), theft and disturbing the peace. He was transported to W.A.R.E. Detention Center on Dec. 26. 

“On Feb. 1, 2019, deputies were called to Haughton Middle School where they determined a 13-year-old had set toilet paper on fire in a school restroom. He was charged with aggravated arson (school was in session with some 1,200 students in attendance, causing some $4,700 in damage) and transported to W.A.R.E. Detention Center.” 

The investigation by the Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office is ongoing. Identities of the two youths has not been made public.

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