A Touch of Class

One of those rare moments in life came along Monday night, February 4th. Riverdale Academy basketball teams were playing their final matches of the regular season before going into the playoffs this week. 

It was Senior Night. There is only one graduating senior playing for Riverdale this year. She is Alyssa Woodard. Alyssa was honored on Tuesday night. But that’s not the most memorable moment. 

Alyssa had sat out much of the season due to an injury. But Alyssa was always there on the bench rooting for her Lady Rebels. But to sit out your final game at your alma mater had to be a disappointment. 

Riverdale hosted Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts on the final night of the regular season. LSMSA is known for their academic prowess, not on the basketball court. They played hard but were no match for the Lady Rebels. 

Late in the game, Riverdale called for a substitution. Alyssa Woodard walked on crutches to the scorer’s table to check in. Her teammates and the LSMSA players all retreated to the far end of the court. Then Alyssa made her way to a spot just under the LSMSA basket. She gave her crutches to the referee and found her footing. 

Alyssa’s younger sister, Raylee Cate Woodard, inbounded the ball to her and Alyssa put it in the net. A time out was called while the Lady Rebels ran to her, embracing and congratulating Alyssa for playing in and scoring in her final game at Riverdale. 

And the crowd went wild!

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