College Scout in Town

One of Red River’s outstanding basketball players is getting a lot of attention nationwide. Emaryeon McDonald is a sophomore this year. On Thursday morning Robert Kirby came to Coushatta from Georgetown University in Washington, DC just to see McDonald work out. 

The Journal caught up with Kirby and Emaryeon and his father Charski McDonald in the Red River gymnasium. While Emaryeon was sinking three pointers from deep right, Kirby said, “We are interested in him. We have made an offer to him for a full basketball scholarship.” And it is two years before he graduates. 

Kirby was very complimentary of Emaryeon’s family for encouraging him to follow up on the game. “Just keep working on the fundamentals. Keep pushing every day,” added Kirby. He told the Journal they hope to have young McDonald on their team and get to the Final Four during March Madness in not too many years.

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