Armed Robbery & Attempted Murder Suspect Held on Million Dollar Bond

Million Dollar Bond

Marcus Dewayne Davis is being held in the parish jail on a $1,000,000 bond. He was arrested recently on a grand jury indictment.

The Journal reported on Davis’ original arrest in the October 24th edition. The series of incidents was first reported as an altercation at the Natchitoches Meat Pie facility in the Industrial Park about 8:00 pm on October 15th. That was closely followed by a report of a gunshot victim at a residence on Jones Street. A third call came in from a residence on nearby Brittain Street.

According to the Sheriff’s Report at the time, the suspected shooter held a worker at gunpoint at the meat pie plant in what appears to be an armed robbery. The suspect forced a worker to drive him to the worker’s residence on Brittain Street. The victim tried to flee and was shot twice.

The suspect fled that scene where he encountered the second (unrelated) victim at a nearby residence on Jones Street. The second victim, unaware of the earlier incident, was shot in the face.

Davis was arrested on October 16th and held in the parish jail on a million dollar bond. Earlier this month the Red River Parish Grand Jury indicted Davis on armed robbery, attempted first degree murder, illegal use of weapons or dangerous instrumentalities, aggravated kidnapping, carjacking, possession of a firearm or carrying concealed weapon by a felon, illegal carrying of weapons, and possession of schedule I synthetic Cannabinoids charges. He was rearrested and remains in the parish jail.

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