Kids Life Returns for Fall Semester

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“Parents love it,” said Pastor Matt Endres, “They think it’s a good program and are glad their children are getting the Bible study.” Endres is talking about the beginning of the third year of Kids Life at Fairview Baptist Church on September 5th.

Kids Life is a program Fairview Baptist developed to meet the needs of their parents and children. Endres explained that children are placed on teams by grades. “They get appropriate Bible study, worship, singing and games for their age. We have a team for 4 and 5 year olds up to kids in the 6th grade.”

Children learn games and life skills over a six-week period. They are called TrackTimes and activities offered range from singing to sports to duck tape creations. Endress said, “Each child selects his or her own subject for TrackTime. Each will take three tracks in the fall and two to three in the spring. They can get up to six tracks throughout the year.”

Kids Life begins the fall semester next Wednesday evening. The program begins at 5:55 and runs until 7:00 pm. “There are here during the dinner hour, so we include the evening meal in our program,” Endres added, “that saves parents fixing supper for their children on Wednesday.

Fairview Baptist Church is located on US 71 in South Red River Parish. For further information visit or call 318-932-5940.

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