Important Addition to Coushatta

RRPJ-Cox Tower Impact-18Aug29

Mayor Johnny Cox and the Coushatta Town Council are pleased to see the new Verizon Tower standing tall which they approved a year ago. The tower is located in the center of Coushatta on land directly behind the S&S Storage buildings along the railroad.

The Mayor said, “The new tower is a necessity in today’s technological world and a welcoming addition for the Town. It will help provide better cellphone service for Verizon customers.”

Several readers of The Journal contacted us asking “What about people with AT&T service? Is anything happening to help improve our service?” You may recall that AT&T was the first cell service to erect a tower near Coushatta. That was back in the analog cell phone-in-a-bag days a couple of decades ago. As new cell service was introduced and Verizon and others came into the market, AT&T customers voiced concerns that they were being left behind by technological advances.

Mayor Cox told The Journal, “AT&T will have the option to rent space for better service for AT&T customers as well.”

The Journal reported last week that the crew erecting the tower expected the tower to be integrated into Verizon’s phone system this week and be put into service in as soon as two weeks.

One thing is certain. Coushatta’s skyline from just about any direction is forever altered. The tower and it’s blinking obstruction warning light can be seen day or night.

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