There is a New Scam in Town

RRPJ-Cleco Logo-18Aug15

Recently the Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office (RRPSO) has been made aware of a new telephone scam occurring in our community. A person claiming to represent CLECO electric company is contacting business owners and residents via telephone. The caller advises that the electric power will be shut off if they do not pay a past due balance of $500. The incident reported to the sheriff’s office came from a toll-free number (1-888-530-7838), however, it could be displayed as any configuration of numbers.

Typically, companies and service providers will not contact a customer by telephone in regards to a past due balance or disconnecting a service. Disconnect and past due notices are usually sent by U.S. mail.

If you have a question concerning CLECO or any other service provider or business credit account, contact the organization directly at a legitimate telephone number known to the public. Do not contact the provider by using the number displayed on the caller I.D., or any other number provided during the original telephone contact. Never send the caller a payment, in any form, and do not provide your personal banking and/or credit card information prior to contacting the provider independently. In many instances, the scammers will request a specific form of payment such as a money order, cashier check or gift card. Any such request is not consistent with normal business practices and should be a “red flag” to consumers.

In the event that you need to contact CLECO, the customer service number listed on their website is 1-800-622-6537.

If you have been victimized by a scammer, you may contact the Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office at (318) 932-4221 or your local law enforcement agency if you live outside our jurisdiction.

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