Registrar is Retiring

RRPJ-Registrar Resigns-18Aug8

Mary Jones is retiring as Registrar of Voters for Red River Parish. She gave notice Monday night to the Police Jury and added, “I’m gonna sit down now before I tear up.”

It was an emotional farewell by the lady who served as Registrar of Voters since 2000. Jones’ 18-year career comes to an official end at the end of the month although she will tell you “I’m retired already. I just have to clear out my stuff.”

Her letter of resignation read, “I have enjoyed serving the people of Red River Parish as their Registrar. I will forever be thankful for the trust and faith in me by this Police Jury when I was appointed to this position.

Jones told The Journal, “I will miss all the people I helped every election when they would come in to vote. It will take some time for the next Registrar to get to know them and their special way of doing things.”

Jones closed her letter, “Again, I have been blessed to have served the people of Red River Parish.

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