Fundraiser for New Mary Magdalene

RRPJ-New Mary Magadeline Fundraiser-18Aug8

Members of the New Mary Magdalene Baptist Church from Gahagan were at Rivertown Market last Saturday conducting a fundraiser. Church Secretary Vanessa Reddix said they were selling food items to earn money for the church. Charles Horton is the pastor.

The smoked sausage on a bun was great. So were the hot dogs and hot links. The ladies prepared chilidogs, nachos, chopped beef and other lunches to go on Saturday morning.

Reddix said, ”We are planning a large fall event. Details will be announced later. We will wait to hold it until the weather gets cooler.” She promised to let us know and we will pass the word along.

Reddix and her crew are pictured with this article. The Journal would like to welcome Reddix and several other members as new subscribers to the Journal’s twice-weekly emails.

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