ETC… for July 27th


The Louisiana Department of Health reminds us to take precautions dealing with the extreme heat we are getting this summer. Among their suggestions are drink plenty of liquids, wear loose fitting clothing, and stay out of the heat and do not engage in physical activities in the heat of the day. They also suggest you check on your neighbors, especially those who are elderly and those living along.

The area folks on this year’s mission trip have arrived. Bro James Hester posted, “Feet on the ground in Honduras. Hands reaching out to serve. Lips proclaiming the Gospel. Names written down in glory. The first three things we an do. Only God can do the last one. When we do what we can, He is faithful to do what only He can. It works at home too.”

First Methodist Church invites men in the community to join them for breakfast Monday, July 30th. Breakfast will be served at the Parsonage next to the church beginning at 6:30 am.

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