Attorney General Probes 911 District

RRPJ-911 AG Prove-18Jul20

The Louisiana Attorney General is investigating the former Administrator of the Red River Parish Communications District. The AG’s office has received the report of the Louisiana Legislative Auditor that the former Administrator issued herself 10 extra paychecks amounting to over $17,000 in 2017.

Red River Parish District Attorney Julie Jones told The Journal they are working with the Attorney General on the matter. Jones said, “They will review the audit. They will make a thorough investigation of the results.” Jones said, “I will meet with them and review their findings and then take appropriate action.”

Jones said she has worked closely with the Legislative Auditor and Attorney General’s office. “I am very pleased with the help from the state agencies in the matter.”

Former Administrator Jennifer Mahfouz was terminated on April 8th after the Communication District’s contract auditor found irregularities in district payroll records. The CPA turned the matter over to the Legislative Auditor on March first. The report issued this week found that at lest 10 paychecks totaling over $17,000 were issued early by Mahfouz and that electronic accounting records had been altered in an attempt to cover up the discrepancies. Mahfouz told the auditors she did not realize she received extra paychecks and does not know how she overpaid herself.

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