Help Keep Seniors Cool

RRPJ-COA Fan Drive-18Jul6

We don’t have to remind you that it is hot! And more hot weather is on the way this summer. But what if you could not get cool? What if you had no air conditioning?

The Red River Council on Aging is concerned with the effect hot weather has on older citizens of the parish. They are having their annual Fan Drive, however they are not getting the response to the drive this year.

COA Director Liz Cannon said, “The price of fans may be keeping some people from donating. They can cost over 20 dollars each.” Cannon said they received 10 fans from CLECO as part of the utility’s donation to councils across the state. “I would like to see us get 100 fans,” said Cannon, “That’s my personal goal.”

The Journal is challenging businesses in Coushatta to step up and help our elderly keep cool. On Thursday, The Journal delivered five fans to Michael Braswell at the council. We challenge businesses and individuals to do the same, or to make a donation to the Council on Aging so they can buy the fans.

Cannon said, “We usually get some fans from the Caddo Council on Aging and we will distribute all that we get. But we could use more.”

When you give fans or cash to the Council on Aging be sure to have your picture taken. Send it to The Journal at We would like to salute others who accept the challenge to help keep our senior citizens cool this summer.

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