Coushatta Water System Improvements a Step Closer

RRPJ-City Water Improvements-18Jul6

The Town of Coushatta has applied to the US Department of Agriculture for funding to make major improvements to the town’s water supply and distribution system. The town has also advertised that the Environmental Assessment on the project is available.

According to the legal notice, the town proposes “to drill two new water supply wells, replace undersized and deteriorated water mains and fittings/valves, replace the water pump station, construct one new and relocate one ground storage tank, replace all water meters, and provide standby electric generators at all of the well sites.

The environment consultant’s report said, “No significant impacts are expected as a result of the construction of the project.” The Environmental Assessment was prepared by the firm of Cothren, Graff, Smoak Engineering, Inc.

The town applied to the Rural Development agency (RUS) for funding for the proposed improvements and upgrades to the water system. The town has been preparing for water system upgrades for many months.

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