Tournament at Cowboy Church

RRPJ-Cowboy Church Cornhole Tournament-18Jun15

They have scheduled their first Cornhole Tournament at Red River Cowboy Church for the end of the month. Teams and individuals are now signing up for this double elimination tournament.

According to the Cornhole Worldwide website, it is an organized game, a modern day version of horseshoes. “Cornhole is an ultra-social outdoor lawn game that involves 2 game boards with a large hole in them and 8 corn-filled throwing bags. The game consists of 4 players divided into two teams, with each team alternating throws to try and get the bags on the boards and into the hole until one of the teams reaches 21 points.”

The website said, “According to common lore, a variation of Cornhole originated several hundred years ago as a game where ancient civilizations would throw rocks into holes for fun. “Some say it came from a farmer in the hills of Kentucky around the 1800s. Jebediah McGillicuddy, a Kentucky famer, is rumored to have invented the game Cornhole. Apparently McGillicuddy invented Cornhole as a fun game to play and pass the time on the farm with his friends, family and animals – just kidding, animals can’t play Cornhole!”

Sign up deadline for Cowboy Church’s first Cornhole Tournament is June 28th. The registration fee for a team is $40. Individuals may sign up for singles competition for a $20 registration fee.

The tournament will be held at Cowboy Church on LA 1 at highway 174 beginning at 9:00 am on the 28th. Tournament organizers say they will have concessions and plate lunches will be available. Get more information from Lyle Kniffin at 318-510-3523 or Chris Waters at 318-471-8287.

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