Wave Goodbye

RRPJ-Wave Bye Bye TOP-18May25

It is a tradition that goes back at least to 2002 when Red River Elementary School opened. Teachers and staff wish the students a great summer by waving goodbye on the last day of school.

On Wednesday in 80+-degree weather they did it again.

About 3:00 pm the busses lined up on both sides of the elementary school. Students were dismissed from class for the summer. They boarded the busses for the last ride until next year.

At departure, the busses blew their horns and left the school in a long column with the deputy sheriff stopping traffic on Ashland Road. Along the driveway out of the school, Assistant Principal Danny Reister and the teachers and staffers waved and shouted goodbye to the students. And the kids waved back.

Look at the shirt being work by Christy Suggs. She wasn’t the only one to a big send-off. This was to the parents. Her message…mom and dad, you’ve got this one for a while.

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