The Chef of Tomorrow is Here in Red River Parish

RRPJ-ProStart Honors-18May25

Three graduating seniors from Red River High could be preparing your gourmet meal at a fine restaurant in the near future. They are participants in the program offered by Wanda Lemoine as part of their high school experience. Here is Lemoine’s report on this year’s graduates:

ProStart is nationwide, two-year program for high school students that develops the best and brightest into tomorrow’s industry leaders. From culinary techniques to management skills, Prostart curriculum provides real-world educational opportunities and builds practical skills and a foundation that will last a lifetime. By uniting the classroom and industry, Prostart offers students a platform to discover new interests and talents and opens doors for fulfilling careers. This happens through a curriculum that teaches all facets of the restaurant and foodservice industry, inspires students to succeed and sets a high standard of excellence for students and industry. With national and local support from industry members, educators, the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation and state restaurant associations, Prostart reaches students in 49 states. To receive the National Restaurant Certificate of Achievement these exceptional Prostart students must pass 3 national exams with a score higher than 75%, earn 52 of the 75 culinary observable/employment skills, and work over 400 culinary hours outside the classroom kitchen. This is why Prostart is a two-year commitment that students undertake to accomplish their COA.

We recognize a group of extraordinary individuals….each of who has contributed in some significant way to Red River High school’s educational mission. This celebration is the chance to experience some of the fruits of our student’s’ scholarly and creative activity, and learn more from our students themselves about the process leading up to it.

Kaylee Antilley is a very responsible, motivated and confident student. She comes to school every day prepared and ready to learn. Kaylee is also a model student who sets a positive example for her peers. She never says no when ask to help. Her hard work ethic and focus on doing the right thing is an inspiration to her classmates, Kaylee is an A student and currently holds a 3.93 GPA… She never gives up, which is such a great quality to have. In addition to keeping her grades at an exceptional level, Kaylee participates in many clubs/sports and holds a part-time job. A college bound Kaylee is headed in a direction where she will be successful, prominent and an asset to the community.

Bobby White has made an awesome change in attitude towards school since his freshman year. He comes to school on time with a smile and he is excited to learn and improve his culinary skills. I am very proud of his hard work and dedication in my classroom. In addition to keeping up his grades, Bobby stays busy playing the trumpet in the school band. Bobby also holds a job outside of school and works close to full time hours each week. As a senior, his life and school experiences have been useful tools for him to share with other culinary students….He is a wonderful, positive person for our Prostart program to have as a resource. We know that Bobby will be an asset to where ever he decides to go to college.

La’Dashia Gant is such an amazing student to have in class. She is one of the hardest workers I have ever had in class. During each catering job she is always arriving early and staying late to make sure everything is completely done. La’Dashia is a student who perseveres; she never gives up—always trying hard to reach her goal. During the start of her senior year when La’Dashia counted her hours and realized she was short, she took it upon herself to volunteer in a kitchen at the local nursing home to earn the hours needed for her COA. In whatever career she chooses she will be a success.

The photo accompanying this article shows Antilley, Grant, and White on a field trip the Pro Start program took to great restaurants in Shreveport. Also pictured are Celena Hardy and Charli Williams posing in front of la Madeleine’s French Café.

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