Sheriff Warns of New Scam

RRPJ-Scam Alert-18Apr20

In efforts to protect personal identities and reduce medical and financial fraud, social security numbers are being removed from Medicare cards and replaced with random 11-character Medicare numbers. Beginning in June, FREE replacement cards will be mailed to current Medicare recipients. Cards are already being mailed to other parts of the US.

As usual, scammers are one step ahead of the game and are already trying to take advantage of unsuspecting people. In fact, an unsuccessful attempt to gain a local citizen’s personal information occurred within the past week in our community.
When dealing with this or any scam, Sheriff Edwards recommends the following:
Do not trust your caller ID. The name that shows on the ID may not actually be the person who is calling.

Do not provide personal information such as social security numbers and banking information over the phone.

Do your homework. Research things on-line or using other credible resources before you act.

Do not agree to and/or send monetary payments until the source is verified.

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Additional information concerning the Medicare card change and ways to deal with potential scams can be found in the attached news article from

Please share this information with friends and family members who may be unaware of the Medicare card changes and related scams.

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