Repairs Begin Immediately

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With many residents of our community sitting in the dark after the Tornado blew through Friday night, utility companies went to work. By Saturday morning crews from across this area had converged on Coushatta to put things back in order.

Power crews were working on Highway 1 replacing damaged and broken poles and downed wires. In some areas it appeared that the poles and wires had been transplanted across the highway. Power restoration to some areas came as soon as Saturday.

The Red Cross came to town to aid residents who had disaster damage. The Journal spoke with Disaster Program Director Marc Jorgensen Saturday night at the old fire station. Overnight temperatures were predicted to dip into the 30s. With power out to many residents, area agencies set up a warming station at the old fire station. It was a place of warmth and shelter for anyone needing it.

Jorgensen said the Red Cross planned to be in the Springville neighborhood and other areas of our parish with a hot lunch for anyone needing it. He said they were also making damage assessments and offering aid to residents, including clean-up kits to anyone needing one.

The initial assessment by the Red Cross showed 6 or 7 homes that would be considered to have suffered major damage or had been destroyed. Red Cross Executive Director Michelle Davison said, “There is an awful lot of damage.”

People who have damage to report may call the Red Cross at 1-800-RED-CROSS or go online to

Residents went to work with chain saws and trailers cutting up and carting off downed trees. The Springville community was the last to have streets cleared due to the heavy damage and downed trees in that neighborhood.

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