Obscure Historical Facts

RRPJ-Obscure Histortcal-18Mar30


Here are some brilliant historical observations from Joe Taylor. He said, “Probably only I find them interesting.”


1. A multi millionaire named Edenborn brought the railroad to Coushatta in the 1890’s. He had made his fortune from his design and manufacturing of barb wire. As was the custom, he was given land by the town for choosing it as a stop. He platted a subdivision. Naming 3 streets, Hessmer (Front St.), Alonzo and Edgar after family. Twenty years later it became the business section.

2. In the golden age of railroading (‘30’s& ‘40’s). Six passengers trains came through Coushatta. Three Southern Belle and three called the Flying Crow. Each carried a mail car where mail was picked up sorted, and dropped off at each stop. So, mail was put up 6 times a day in the tiny post office between L. P. Stephens and the bank.

3. Knowledgeable gentlemen knew that a late afternoon Southern Belle stayed in Coushatta long enough that you could get a cocktail in the club car, in dry Coushatta, before the train departed.

4. As a sign of a much simpler time. It was the custom of some of the curious to meet a passenger train so they could see who got on and who got off.

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