Second Graders Get Published

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Second Graders Get Published

One day Dana Hesson got an inspiration from something that came in the mail. She is the second grade teacher at Riverdale Academy. The thought developed into a book her students published.

They wrote the text. Kids drew the artwork. And revealed their thoughts on what a superhero really is. And it was published recently.

Hesson asked the students to write and illustrate their own story of their own superheroes. Could be a real superhero like Batman or his or her own unique superhero like Paper Man. Here are a couple of examples.

Hayden Cason wrote, “During the day I play video games, but at night I become Paper Man.” Hayden revealed, “A super secret about me is I love math.”

Jackson Hillman said, “My super powers are speed, strength, supervison, invisible and ice breath. I am the Flash.”

Rylan Moseley is “Dinosaur Man and I change into a Pteradactyl.” Student Chloe Spradley wrote, “But when the sun goes down and the moon comes up I become Bat Girl. A super secret about me is I do not tell anyone about my super powers.”

Most of the second grade students wrote a super secret about themselves. One said I can do gymnastics. Another wrote I love math. And another student revealed, “A super secret about me is I like somebody.”

The Journal congratulates Dana Hesson’s second grade class at Riverdale Academy. Students in the class are Emma Youngblood, Rylan Moseley, JoJo Shaver, Kaleigh Pickett, Madelyn Chamberlin, Jackson Hillman, Hayden Cason, Madalynn Baxley, Jaxon Henry Straight, Kaden McNeely, Chloe Spradley, Sonny Levasseur, and Hanah Murray. They are 2nd Grade Superheroes.

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